Magnets to Hold Plastic?

I have heard much talk of using magnets to attach plastic to the hoods but in researching prices have found that good sized magnets are pretty expensive. Anyone use this method and is the price you pay for the magnets worth the time you save?



David Saulque

<b>PWN TEAM - Hood Moderator</b><br<b><font color=
Yes they are expensive-and they don't work at all on stainless steel. We use tape and when the hood is galvanized we use the mags.


This is from another board. One person said he made his own magnets by wrapping an old file with wire and connecting the wire ends to a battery. The wire was then disconnected and the file removed from the wire. That makes a magnet. Another said he used two magnets on ss. One magnet on the inside and another on the outside of the hood. That way , the magnets attracted each other.
I have not tried either sugestion. If someone does, let us know how it did or did not work.
Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc


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