Multi-level Pressure Washing Insurance - Need help quick!

Ok, I have insurance with Joseph D. Walters Agency which is what I see most people recommend when I Google pressure washing insurance. So far, after calling the first 2 pages of companies on Google, I have found 0 companies that will insure above 3 stories. I have a job coming up next week where we will be cleaning a very large 6 story building and a 4 story apartment size building at a retirement community as well as several single stories and flat-work. My insurance only covers up to 3 stories which I figured I could just call them and add it to my policy. WRONG! No one will do it that I can find! I need to know who you guys use for insurance that will give me this coverage. It also seems to run people off when I saw that I'm in the state of Florida. Insurance people I've spoken with so far hate the word 'Florida'. I know some of you have got to be cleaning building over 3 stories high. I'm just running out of ideas on who to call! HELP! Thanks for any info!

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Daniel, there are 3 guys I can give you to call and ask who they use. One is Guy Blackmon 910.876.1594, Jeff Lecours 843.446.5931, and AC Lockyear 407.832.1108. Tell them I told you to call them and they'll help you out.

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