You about lost me the first time just during waiting for the page to load. Almost lost me a second time during all of the opening movie. Once you get in, it's a pretty good start - not sure about the pea green slides with the rest of your colors and you need to run a spell check. Professional has 1 F and 2 S's, ourselves is one word....

Just my opinion though - and everyone has one you know!



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Cable no problem loading I just was not
impressed with site.

Sorry if I sound brutal but you asked for
opinions / feedback I am being honest!

I will look again and try to be EXTREMELY OPEN MINDED

Here we go..............................................
whats that mean mark and Celeste i noticed that to day like i said i'm still working in it its just move of a place holder right now . . . .remember its like a rough draft
Cable here as well. Sorry for the criticism :) It's definitely better than no site at all! It's a good start - just needs some tweaking.... but I'm with Mark, you should lose all the fancy flash at the beginning or at least make it industry related.

alright well i'm hoping to finish over the weekend cause i have been slammed with the McDonald's every night this week thanks again . . .oh and have you ever heard of its either BD27 or BD7 lol and stuff called panel bright ?
DJ, flash is cool for large companies that have a huge marketing budget. (I'm talking Pepsi, McDonald's, companies of that size). The rest of us rely on Google. Your site will never rank in Google and the spiders cannot read anything through flash. There are ways to code what you have there in php using css and standard html.

I think you did a good job so far on the design but the copy doesn't sell. It reads like every other site out there. Here we are, we're the best, we're insured blah blah. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore (if it ever did). People are looking for information first then there needs to be effective calls to action on every page (enter an email to get a free report, click here for a money saving coupon, request a FREE property evaluation, etc)
10 meg cable here and still strange , get rid of the briefcase thing , you need more meta tag words , also I saw no after pics , I know its still under construction but I would not publish it if it was my site till I was finished

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