Does his site make anyone else's browser shrink or is is just me? DJ, did Keith do your logo? If so, you should consider letting him do your site.....his new site is top notch and some of the ones he's turning out ROCK!


PS - I'm downloading at 8+MB and it still took long enough that if I were not specifically going to your site to see IT, I'd have clicked away.
I don't get why your home page has a picture of two guys in suits in a fancy office and then right below it is junky looking trailer? I would get rid of the cheesy 80's slogan of "To HOT to Handle, Too COLD to Hold". Loose the fact that you are one of only two full time PW'ers, who cares, tell them why your the best like " full time and dedicated" and not that they should pick you cause there is a lack of options out there. Also pick a logo and stick with it, there are 3 different logos on you web site, you need brand recognition. Take some better before and afters, I know you are still working on your site but I didn't even know that I was looking at an after cause it still looked dirty.
Hey man, I know I don't know you but i noticed spelling mistakes. Hate to point out your mistakes but it's in your best interest to fix it. I think it's in your services tab: Quality and received were the 2 words. good luck with the site. Your probably already planning on doing this but pictures under house washing and the other services would be a good idea. Maybe some before and afters or something. I don't know anything bout anything but i figured I'd offer my opinion.
hmm.. maybe you should post a link to the html site

It may help to have input while building it instead of after it's done. I've been a graphic designer/web developer for the last 8 years and i'll spare you my opinion on the flash site since your not going to be using it anyway.

I can give you some decent pointers along the way.

hey, i was also thinking that saying "any problems go right to the owner" when you talk about being a small company might not be a good idea. you might not wanna mention anything about problems with your work on the website. Maybe you could say something like "personalized service" (im not even sure if personalized is a word) or "the owner is there from start to finish" or "the owner is a phone call away"...etc.. I tried to read that like I was a customer and that sentence made me feel like you've had problems before so maybe reword it or something. Just my opinion but it might make it better.
thanks thats a good point i just started back to school so i'm like supper slammed right now so it will be a min. before i get the new site up but yah i don't much care for the flash i'm just doing regular ole HTML

sorry for the mis hap consider it done i really didn't know it was from ky very sorry here is my new one created BY ,ME <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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