NFPA 96 2001 Edition

:D LOL! Stay away from those foamers until they are approved by the NFPA, IKECA, PWNA, NADC not to mention Delc0!! I saw a couple of your customers at the Food Expo last month and put in a good word for you, I also gave ur name to a couple of potential clients that asked for service in ur neck of the woods( send commission checks accordingly ;) ) Saw some of the big boys there. Facilitec looks strong, very professional. Looks like they are commin to take us over but we will fight to the bitter end!! [pirate]

Changes made in NFPA 96-2001 really don't make much impact on our business. One change that may make a difference is that air velocity has been changed from 1500 CFM to 500 CFM. Higher air velocity left grease behind, slower velocity keeps grease moving with the air. This requires ducts to be larger, meaning more area to clean.
Certification of exhaust cleaners may now be required. NFPA 96-2001 Section 11.3 Inspection of Exhaust Systems. "The entire system shall be inspected by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisditiction in accordance with Table 11.3" I did not find a description of "properly trained, qualified, and certified" But note the phrase, "acceptable to the AHJ" The AHJ may be the Fire Marshell, the building inspector, the insurance company, an internal safety person, the building or business owner, or even the most knowledgable person, which could be you.
Remember, NFPA 96-2001 is a model code. It may or may not be adopted by the AHJ in your area. Even if adopted, it will need to be enforced. The enforcement people only work 9 to 5, so they will not be out looking at those of us who work after hours, assuming they do know what to look for. My experience with the AHJs is that they do not want to make a decision that may be unpopular, so they try not to be put in a position where thsy must make a deceision. Your personal ethics will still be the determing factor in what kind of work you do, not a certification program.

Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
Well said Douglas, Its a good Code but needs enforcement uniformly. But still it is but a recommended procedure. Personally , Im glad its there. It at least gives a benchmark for a standard.
Just my .02

Michael T

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