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Michael T said:
lpwhandyman, I got one for ya. I use IE. I have several email accounts. How do I get IE to synchronize more than one account from a vender. Example: I have an account with my internet provider and a account with MSN( hotmail). When I try to add a second hotmail account to IE it adds as HOTMAIL(1) but neve merges, just hangs up at the read mail screen. What do I do to get more than one account from one vender to work?
Michael this might help I use an application software from the full version is $14.95 but the free version will due if you don't mind the reminders that come with it. I got five differnet email accounts and i can see them all from the same inbox which is real cool give it a try you might like it. Also you do not need to log in to MSN, Hotmail, Gmail etc the software does it for you with very simple setting.
For all you IE users try maxthon.Unbelievable. Every once in a while a link will open in IE and it reminds me of how great Maxthon is.

It will block popups and anything else you want it to. It makes browsing sooooo easy. Plenty of plugins too.

Another one is poptray. It is a free email notifier, and beautiful.

Plenty of good freebies here to. spywareblaster and spywareguard are 2 I have

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