Opinion about new icons

Do the new icons with an adult theme offend you?

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 25.9%
  • No

    Votes: 35 64.8%
  • Some (explain below with a post)

    Votes: 5 9.3%

  • Total voters
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adult icons

It's all in the spirit of mixing a little fun in the STB forum.

It brings laughter to many, especially in our business where we work hard to clean up all that gets dirty.

After all this section is for fun, and as you say keep it clean, those icon's are not dirty as is xxxx but cute.

Yes some will feel ofended and some won't, that is human nature.

I have seen commercials on TV that are very suggestive and sexual in nature, also what about all those ads in the newspapers showing females in bras and panties only?
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I am talking about the icons you can post with in the Smilies area & the others that can be posted from the Internet.

Example: Bart's Moon & smilies with the violent nature. Also some of the animated icons posted from the Internet. So keep in mind both.

I know it will offend some. But my intention is to get the feeling from the majority, and go with the groups feelings. That is why if you don't like it and are not afraid to go public, we may just remove a few.

But everyone has the ability to vote anonymously, and that right will be respected. I have no idea what ones vote is unless they tell me. If you keep anonymous, the decision will be based on the vote total alone.


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Dan I am aware of what you meant, like the ones showing mooning, the flag with the word ------>A_ _ H_ _ _ etc.

I am not offended and am not afraid to say so but then I am pretty understanding person.

Remy thought they were very clever and got a kick out of them.

Again we are all different and what one might think is offensive another will say that is cute.

This is a very deeply personal subject to many and I respect all of you and your own feelings.

Just because I don't feel offended and admit it does not mean anyone else has to post and say how they feel.

Like Dan said, the votes are confidential for a reason.

We think it would be ok to an extent. Let's face it...if you can't take a joke you don't need to be in pressure washing. We all need some laughs but I think some people might get a little carried away with them. Heck some people already get carried away with the colors. I think that it would be considered offesive if someone had too many in a post so maybe you could limit the amount that could be used? Let's not get back to where we were before with everyone getting mad at everybody.
Why do we really need the Ahole or bart mooning anyone on this board. I think that all the others are really cute didn't see the one about the middle finger.

Just our thoughts.

Jim & Shirley
Hi Dan,

We have found over the years that if we do anything that offends even one person, we probably should not do it!

Dave Olson

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
O K I thought ////was thumbs up man so please nobody take it to heart.Maybe take it off but the others are great to play with and if anybody cann't take a joke will so be it.

I guess we need to stop fishing b/c it offends alot of people,look what that done to the fur trade,will so be it.

If I get under your skin in some of the post the way I answer and by adding play toys,please email me and I want add nothing or say anything out of the way if I answer one of your post.

It a shame people now days get mad over nothing but think the world owns them something.They take any from you but think you o'it to them as the reason some cann't smile the right way

:D .,,,,,We had rules then we went to school and I wasn't no no no no anyway I broke a few.Why limit,,,,,,

Besides I was always told if I got mad I could get glad in the same shoes,,,,but theres a differents in a fa'ke grin and a true smile.

Sorry about the fix up but I'm not perf'it or human.
I think we need to add more play toys,Dan if you'll look under one of those X's is a talking smile,the other gets acid poured on them,ag'an sorry.
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It seems as though the ONLY one that may cause a stink would be ...........

............... but I like it!

One up for the freedom of speech!
I can see this is going to be a very personal issue. I consider myself as being very slow to anger and very slow to be offended. However, yes I do consider the 'adult' themes to be offensive. I find myself looking over my shoulder to see if my children are 'looking' at the p/c while I am online even though I don't use them myself. Were the 'adult' themes needed to enhance our professionalism ? Maybe they could be set aside in a seperate catagory, therefore accessible, but only to those who chose to use them. Thanks to all who help me on this board.
Barry Loy
We all wonder why our children are shooting their classmates. Why there is no respect for ones elders. Why the President lies and cheats and gets away with it. We shake our heads at the blatant disrespect for human life. We wonder where does this all come from?

It comes from a lack of morals. In some cases the lack of God in our lives. Sadly so many of us have accepted that Freedom of Speech gives us license to be disrespectful.

The icons you propose may seem harmless, however, it's one more drop in an overflowing bucket.

What I have seen in Shoot The Bull lately has been disapointing. A once VERY professional Board for all to feel comfortable in has in my opinion jumped off the High Road.

I have promoted this board to every washer I come into contact with and I would not want them to think that I condone this behavior. I truly hope that this board would remain as professional as it has been. Adding offensive material no matter how "cute" or funny is NOT an improvement.

I'm not easily offended and fairly tolerant in general. Immoral, bad taste, good natured humor, etc. are not my reasons for being against this type of thing. In my opinion, it brings nothing to the board and is just another instance of unnecessary clutter.


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I for one would not use one I didn't like. I have read many valid points on this thread, and to me it's not really about it being right or wrong to post them. To me, it's more about professionalism. I'm sure we have all seen people get carried away from time to time on the ***** board, without the use of Bart's moon. If someone is going to get nasty, they will do it without the little cartoons.




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Time for me to reply, I am speaking for me only and not the whole board and for sure not Dan F.

I was not intending to make this personal or long, I understand what Dan is asking and I agree with him, if it offends enough then he will take them out.

There are as many opinions as replies here, my feelings only at this time is Dan is not going to be able to please anyone since we all like different ones.

Let's try this, if it works and all can bare to do it just once if Dan approves, so we all need to wait for his say so but if he goes for this I think it shall resolve this post once and for all so he can delete the post and offensive icons.

Post only the one or ones you find offensive, no other stuff, no remarks, no I HATE THIS, or this is really CRASS, NO NOTHING but the icon (s) you would like Dan to remove.

Dan, would this meet your approval to resolve this situation once and for all?

Dan, if not please delete post.
This is what I feel should be done. I also added my opinion.

I am not trying to push my opinion at anyone. However I see others willing to give theirs. So I am going to give mine.

I agree there are many ways to view things. I also agree that everyone has the right to their own opinion. I feel that this forum has a place for professional topics and a place for fun. I also feel that if a certain forum bothers you don't go there. Fun for one may not be fun for someone else. I think that's ok.

At the same time I feel things should be handled as a group. I don't feel that one person has the right to assume they know what the values or morals of others are based on a harmless fun post in the mind of many. I took that one personally. I am a good person with a warm heart for God and others.

I decided at this point to take Dave Olson's advice. I removed the icons that were a bit over board. I did not do this based on any particular reason other than trying to even things out. I personally feel that some of them were a bit much.

But I also feel a little locker room fun is refreshing and relaxing. I am surprised, that with all the boards here I received a email regarding this matter. I did agree with the email a contractor sent me to a certain extent. But the over all principle of this whole thing is way out of whack. If the email expressed their feelings on the issue alone it would have been fine. But it directed a few remarks that were off base.

Regarding ( Bridget's Comments )

Some come here to learn and some come to learn and play. If one post bothers you, move on. I don't feel that one post has jumped this forum off the high road. I think that is a little extreme and one sided.

I don't feel that a few guys playing around with technology on an adult forum will destroy our kids. I do feel we are responsible for our children and feel when they stray it's the fault of the parents for the most part. Not a bulletin board full of contractors. Some parents provide money and a nice home in a rich neighborhood. But they forgot they had a children who needed a hug and a rub on the head, among other things. That goes for the less fortunate family as well.

Our children stray because we let them. I am not saying a perfect parent who provides the best for their child financially, emotionally and through the eyes of God wont have problems or children that stray. Things happen.

But for the most part we are responsible for our own children. We should as a whole be willing to raise all children we come in contact with. I don't think a dirty joke among adults contribute too children shooting children or tossing a another coin in the moral bucket. Like that guy from 20/20 says, (GIVE ME A BREAK.)

I don't think it is appropriate to act inappropriate in front of children. But I think it's ok among friends and in the right situation.

I am a little offended that Bridget feels this forum, which has many area's for people to choose from. Feels this board went from unbelievably professional to way out of line. Especially when I was contacted by one member that was offended about the dancing girls and I took action with this poll immediately.

This is a community of over 500 people with 500 different views. It is impossible to see through the eyes of them all. I feel the success of this forum comes from situations like this. We stop, take a look at what's going on and make a decision together. I think that's a heck of a community and FORUM/BOARD

I feel that a simple view about the icons would have been sufficient. Not an attack on the board and the morals of those who enjoy a little fun in the appropriate forum.

I don't think a little silliness on one post will influence our children to gun down classmates.

I can see that the color's topic may have got out of hand in the mind of some. So I took action. I also feel that some of Bridget's comment are just as out of hand and overboard as that topic. A little strong considering.

I respect what Bridge's opinions are and what she says. I take them to heart.

I think you should know that from past conversations. I am merely voicing my opinion as you did. I hope you are strong enough not to take offense. To what I feel I am, basically responding to what you said.

This should be discussed and then all of us grow from it and move on.

So Basically, I feel it's ok to have a little locker room fun. I do feel it was bad judgment on my part to add some violent and or offensive icons. I thought it was just silly fun. I look back on it, and see it was wrong. I feel I rectified it in a swift manner. I respect what everyone who has posted on this topic says as long as it isn't inappropriately direct towards people.

I feel I tried to please both side, by getting rid of the heavier icons and keeping some of the others. I hope everyone is satisfied and no longer offended. I encourage this post to move on.

Bigboy deleted the topic (COLORS) that had 60 plus posts prematurely. I wish you wouldn't have done that. We could have delete the few post that rub people the wrong way. That was a fun post in the shoot the bull area. Guys were teaching and learning html and the features of this board. But live goes on.

I think that with in reason people should be able to let loose a bit in that forum. I don't feel that because they do this board has go south. That is what that area is for. Shooting the bull.

So you have my opinion, and that is all that it is. Bridget I hope you're ok with me commenting on your post. I felt in someway it was directed to me in one way or another. (PEACE)

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Dan,I thought it best to dete the thread for more seasons then one,we can go ahead and learn the bbs,plus new ways of doing things with todays tec.I agree it made my day when I seen others playing with the new tec and toys.There where several that emailed me wanting to know how on some of the things thats new to us,I answered them all.

Its humorist to me to come in from work and set down and see or hope someone made someone laugh today.I'm glad my kids know the differentd between hum'or and the real thing,they where told the differents from a small age plus was told never to make fun of nobody and to think GOD they were the way they where and not worse.Alot of parents make a mistake and make them grow up to fast Plus think they should know better if something went wrong.

Heck Ya'll live over it besides I can make my own fun,I don't have to post it for Ya'll to see.Just thought I'd make some of you he he after a day of being a PROFESSIONAL without a grin.

Like I said before if you cann't have alittle fun when answering post why answer.Heck maN if I wanted to be a PRofessionAL 24hrs. aday I could write a book instead of trying to help others with my free time.

If I wanted to know anything,I wouldn't care if you pooked,spit,mooned or blacked my eye as long as I got what I wanted,dat is if I wanted to know anything,which my now Ya'll should know I know everything.Think I'll [whatup] one and go work on boat .
Cody when ya dete the net files make sure ya don't throwem in the lawn,ya don't want dat mower acken up again [whip].
I don't find them offensive but I also don't find them very professional. I visit the boards very little anymore because of the sour taste D*lcos had left in my mouth. I just got tired of all of the "children" playing their little jokes and having their heated arguments. When I come here it is to research sort of speak.... when I see the "jokers" throwing unecessary comments back and forth I tend not to answer any "real" questions they have when they decide it is time to work. Just my opinion.

The one thing that intrigued mean and made me join this site is that after reading many posts over a two week period I noticed that everyone was professional and gave good sound advice, a beginner could ask a question without feeling that it was a stupid question.
I noticed that on other boards that if someone asked a basic question there was a chance that they would be ridiculed or degraded on the board. Did not see that her so I joined.
The icons do not bother me one bit, I am a career fire fighter by trade, so it takes a lot for me to blush but I do have one question:
Would one of these icons used in the wrong way deter someone from joining the board because they are afraid it might be used towards them if used in the wrong way. I am sure most of us will say probably not but there is that chance.
Just a thought from a newbie, by the way Dan check is inb the mail.


New Member
<font color=e87400>Good Grief alot of controversy here over a little bit of fun. I can appreciate keeping things professional & in ALL other parts of this forum things are. When you enter an area called "Shoot the Bull" I think that you have to expect a little bit of getting loose. The Ties are off and the major majority like to laugh. I don't see anything really getting abused in the other areas of this forum. The oppurtunity has always been there to be vile but rarely ahs anything gotten outta hand. The likelyhood of missuse in other areas are as likely as being vulgar & obscene in those areas.

Yes there have ben some heated threads, God knows I've been right in the middle of them but even in these threads I feel that the end result is a profesional one.

Whenever peoples opinions start to come to light some will feel passionate about their veiws (as I do) and the tone may take a turn, but this does not make it non-professinal. I've had much more heated debates with vendors, customers & other professional associates over the phone and face to face & they just called it Business!



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<font color=e87400>I don't like ya that way Bigboy, I did'nt learn ya that way. Turn those colors back on TURN THOSE COLORS BACK ON <b><FONT COLOR="#FF8C1A">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#F19219">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#E39917">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D59F16">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#C7A514">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#B9AC13">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ABB211">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9DB810">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8FBF0F">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#81C50D">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#73CB0C">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#65D20A">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#57D809">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#49DE07">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3AE506">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2CEB05">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1EF103">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#10F802">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#02FE00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0CF300">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1AE500">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#28D700">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#36C900">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#44BB00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#52AD00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#609F00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6E9100">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7C8300">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8A7500">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#986700">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#A65900">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#B44B00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#C23D00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D02F00">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#DE2100">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#EC1300">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FA0500">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FA0009">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#F30017">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#EC0025">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#E50033">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#DE0042">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D70050">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D0005E">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#C9006C">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#C2007A">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#BB0088">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#B40096">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#AD00A4">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#A600B2">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9F00C0">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9800CE">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9100DC">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8A00EA">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8300F8">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7C00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7500FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6E00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6700FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6000FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5900FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5200FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4B00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4400FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3D00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3600FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2F00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2800FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2100FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1A00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1300FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0C00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0500FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0005FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0013FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0021FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#002FFF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#003DFF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#004BFF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0059FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0067FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0075FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0083FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0091FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#009FFF">!</FONT><FONT b>

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