Opinion about new icons

Do the new icons with an adult theme offend you?

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 25.9%
  • No

    Votes: 35 64.8%
  • Some (explain below with a post)

    Votes: 5 9.3%

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Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
<font color=green>I thank you Cody for your time teaching me the colors and things.It took me up one level to what some cann't do yet.I like my pc and the things it can and will do,man to a dum old country boy its amaz'en what you can learn on the net plus what ya can SEE [bigboy].I rem'ber the night you make dat thing marquee across ***** bbs,I thought wow someone down there in dat heat state was pretty smart to do dat,,,boy I wish I could do dat,,,little did I know I would be doing dat in a few days.To me that as a high light of years worth of know how to a dropout.How ya like my moving swing</f>

<marquee><font color=blue>...............................Thank You.............

man this this been fun.can't we all just get along? ha ha ..lets get back to PRESSURE WASHING and what a good year we are all going to have. so is any one going to the pwna show in pittsburg.
well i guess it's my turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree with Dan reading a post wont make my kids take a gun to school......however i dont think that some of the smilies are nessasary ....like the flag with a....h.......?????????
and the red smilie flipping the fingers........

and i dont feel like this is the place for it.........
and i probably wouldn't of said anything about it; but since it was asked i will...... and did........

sure it offends some .....sure some people dont really care ..
it all depends where your heart is at..........
you can tell to some degree how people live there lives by how they express by a post.(smilie).....
but if you really feel you must post a obsenity jester to get a point acrossed.........there is not much we can do but ignore it .
sounds like there may be a few control issues to me ........ :-\

all though there are some valid points to not liking the new icons, it seems to me that the real issue here is not "ARE WE MATURE ENOUGH" but "HOW CAN WE STOP THEM FROM .... ?" What I have seen is MAYBE a PG-13 type rating ....
It looks like a control issue - wanna complain about Moral issues?
How many of you have complained about the childrens cold medicine commercial that actually says verbatim (on TV about 6PM) " WE DON'T PUSSY FOOT AROUND! "

We do have a constitutional right to the freedom of speech - we also have the right to ignore & not acknowledge those who choice to step out side of our limits & boundaries of exceptance.

I do not feel as though ANYONE should have the right to dictate what anopther person can or can not say or do JUST BECAUSE it fails to suit my particular standards.

It's like my tee shirt says ' IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MY ATTITUDE - QUIT TALKING TO ME"

................ enough said!

For those of you who were wondering where I went & why I have NOT been around
It's The SAME REASON! I did NOT care for the attitude of a few patrons of this board so I quit talking to them! ...for those of you who have stayed in touch THANKS!


New Member
Dan, you sound a little frustrated, and I can appreciate that given all the effort you have put forth to create this forum.

It's easy to criticize others, and it's much harder to see the good in what has been done and to acknowledge it if you don't agree with it 100%.

Take a deep breath and remember, you will never, ever, please everyone 100% of the time. And that, is OK!


Hey Dan [idts]

Just kidding. You might get a couple of fights started but nothing worse than when someone posted a picture of Washmans wife. I think they are fine. [bm]

is it offensive ??????????????

well Bart is one thing......but when you add
" kiss my " >>>>>>>>> in front of it i can see where this may get out of hand..... i know how some of these replys go and it will be just a matter of time before some one use's it out of anger....

MORAL ISSUES....... YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If i had to pick the only one to get rid of it would be >>
"the fingers"............. just my thought..........

even though i did not as of YET send in my yearly donation.....
if this is what part of our $$ is going to..i will never send it in.........
call it what you will...................
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New Member
My opinion only but perhaps the icon with the "finger" should be deleted.

This forum should never be taken personally but many do, many feel it should not be " all in fun" yet that is what I think the "shoot the bull" forum is all about.

Heck this board is fun, it is educational, we meet and make many friends here.

We learn, teach and share here and yes at times we offend others, not on purpose but it does happen.

I think anyone that feels another is out of line should Email that person and nicely bring up what was said that bothered the reader, I for one know I am blunt and have had some here ask me to back off as the person I was replying to is new or my bluntness was uncalled for. Not only on this board but another and I respect the persons who Emailed me, what they are doing is trying to show I am a friend and let me know there are better ways to get my point across.

Life is too short and there is so much in this world to enjoy.
I think the new icons are cute, and funny. But they are not very profesional. Let's get rid of them. If you did not vote on this subject, you have no reight to complain.
Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
I already got rid of the nasty icons, also if someone uses them for anything less than fun it will be deleted. Why can't there be fun mixed with professionalism?

The one finger icon left is the yellow one. That little guy is saying no no no. If that is offensive I will delete that too. I personally don't feel a cartoon mooning is bad. I don't think it should be used like above. I will edit that post.

But, just for informational purposes why can't there be a fun zone on this board. If there is why does that make it unprofessional. If I get a reasonable answer I will make the shoot the bull area private. Then who ever wants in let me know and all others will not have access.

Other than that I don't know what to do. I think this whole subject is getting out of hand and straying into many directions.

Dan S.

Donations are on a volunteer basis. Not on a if you do this or that basis. I don't expect anyone do anything they don't want to do. As I said before, if you come here often you obviously feel this is a good place to be. You should want to help out. If you don't that is fine and you wont be looked at any differently.

If you can't now but can later that's fine too. This topic is about a few icons, not why a persons is willing to use the board with offensive icons and feel that's ok. But not feel it is ok to help out with the same circumstances.

I hope that I can please everyone on this board. I think I have for the most part. But like Beth said. That is not going to happen. So why lose sleep over it.

I think I get the point. Most don't care. The people who do are a big part of this community, and they should be heard.. I feel we can make the best for both side.

Thanks for all the input.

Dan, I don't know about everybody else, but for me i hear enought gutter talk out there, its nice to come a board this site and read good stuff, and besides i sometimes let my boys read some of the replys with me, any way thanks for the chance to vote, either way i have learn alot of good stuff. Randy


[hump] [puke] these offend me.

This one is gone that was my favorite one [think]

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
[hand] this one makes want to [puke]

[ck] this makes me [bigboy].

[jr] makes me [bm]

[tie] we need to shoot this one too [pirate]

[bp] this needs to go out with this [flag]

I know one thing for sure me ant moving,me glad me live around fun silly happy people.I didn't realize dat many people where out there dat don't know the differences.If you cann't make your customers laugh while taking their money your no professional or your needing to know how to get accounts and how to keep them.True each account is different but they all need to laugh and the thrill comes when they laugh with you nomatter how you got them to do so.

Smiles,colors what else offends,hey dat back ground color offends me and if you don't change it I'll sorta come over and looks-e everyonce in awhile,if I like ya I may help.I don't like the black type we need to change it also maybe to blue.Also we need to start saying yes sir and no sir to each other we professionals aren't we.Man what a way to start a day o me sorry me mean Thrusday I sorta forget me was professional.


New Member

Kindly explain why you want this [bp] and [flag] to go.

There is nothing offense about dancing and hoping around.

[color=royal blue] what I see begining to happen is there will be NO SMILIES at all and surely no one wants that to happen.[/color]

The puking and captain cook emptying his leg of S_ _ _ I can understand. "Have a nice day" is fine, are you saying get rid of that too?

I would like to see a PRIVY with the moon cut into the door here, or do others feel that is offensive?

Can someone make or find one for me here?

[boing] [boing]
JON>>>>>>> i really think BIG_BOY was just making a funny...

and come on do you really think b/c "the finger" was not v/good and some did'nt like it ..that now we will lose all smilies???????

i think not ...the question was asked and the answer's was giving
it really is that cut-and dry...........


New Member
Dan S.

No I am not offended by the [idts], I in many ways saw nothing wrong with any of them even if there were two I would not use.

I know each and everyone of us has likes and dislikes, that is human nature.

Beth said it well when she said you will never please everyone.


Concerning [bigboy] doing what he does best [tie] and eating his favorite food [ck] I have no problem with him, I think he is :cool:
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Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
he he Luckboy :D .

This morn at the watering hole as I was getting water to go wash a rig that the owner was saling,which meant engine, frame,will everything,I know this rig so I knew what I had in store for me,,A farmer drove up to get 3000gal water,as he was getting out of his truck I noticed clean shorts outfit,white teen-E shoes,,We didn't shake hands but gave each other dat funny look with a grin,,,,I told him it was a great morning b/c the richiest farmer in the area was going to have to wait on me and ask him how it felt to stand behind a little buss'es like me.I meet him last year when I did his farm eqt. this was about our 4 or 5 meeting each other.We talked until my tank got full and he ask me if that was all I was getting with a funny looking grin,yel right my 550 to his 3000,but I got him as I was leaving cuzz I kick dirt on his white shoes :D.....In our talk they where no bad words but we both laughed alot.

When I got to the rig the owner wanted to know were in the ..........have I been :D,I told him it wasn't none of his.........buss''es :D and if'en he miss with me I'd go ......... home.After awhile I told him if he didn't shutup and quit talking I'd have to wash his rig to'mor'o cuzz it was going get dark if we kept talking :D.

NOw what did I do wrong,I get both of their money with different ways of talking and having fun.

I respeck Dan's choosing of the icons,I took alot of time to think about each as to all of us,I think his choosing was in line as to some humor at the end of the day,wow it was making my fries go down alot easier.I didn't know we had new icons when I seen Barry post with the guy putting his head in the pc.I thought WOW Barry can pull stuff like that off the net too,,man I wish I could do that,,,as I went to reply I seen alot of new toys and knew Dan had put alot of time in them,,,.I thought wow look at dat one and dat one and dat one wow and dat one it really made my day man.In the Color thread when Dan and Cody started putting img up I thought WOW wish I was smart enuff to do dat cuzz I found some good ones man,wow no not dat kind :D.

Really I wish he would leave them plus add more but I doesn't really matter to me which way ya'll want to go cuzz me can handle anything you think you can throw at me.
When I meet the chief at them there pretty gates me going have the guy behind me laughing so hard and it want matter how I get him laughing dat GOD cann't hear me begging to get in.....[tie]


New Member
I gotta say I git home from doing a couple houses for the first time all wet and tired, not in good mood etc. I git trailer in garage so crocked wife laugh at me.

Then I just had to thank Mike for his help with me, then read some funny mail Scotty sent me then see ol Bigboy reply and laughing all the ways down as I rread it.

Now gonna bit wife :D if she don't git me food soon as I hungry.

Hey a working man needs his engery, right?
Ok, I voted no. Not because i personally find them offensive, i find them hilarious, but because of the bad carma and over reacting from the group. Why put them on if they offend someone, its just not worth it.

Seems the board received a little bashing from above, which i believe is totally uncalled for and lacks true merit. I personally can't think of anything Dan could add to the board that would diminish the professionalism he and you others have shown over the last year.

Dan, if you get enough votes to merit an accurate expression of the members, then i would go with the majority. But if this is all the votes you can receive from 500 members, then you should just do as you think is best and we will all live by your decision.

As Dennis Miller would say, "this is just my opinion, i could be wrong."


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