PitchWitch vs Water Broom


People here speak highly of the Pitch Witch. And I enjoyed talking with Glenn the other day about it. I'll post a pic of the pitch witch, then in a follow up post one of the water broom (any way to post two pics on one post?).


Looking at the two they are very similar. On the surface, the only difference is the number of nozzles, angle of spray, and adjustable height.

Couldn't I change the angle of spray on the broom by adding a 90 to the inlet and remounting the wheels or something?

If you are going to be doing roofs, I would just go with the PitchWitch............that's what it was designed for. Odds are, adapting something else, although cheaper, will not work as well.
Looking at the two they are very similar. On the surface, the only difference is the number of nozzles, angle of spray, and adjustable height.

That's like saying:the only difference between a computer screen and a T.V is the receiver the remote and the circuitry.
I think I know the point Dan is trying to make.
No disrespect to Glenn, but I think Dan is trying to save money by trying to use one tool to do both jobs.

It nearly looks like it would be easier to make minor adjustments to the broom instead of the pitch witch. I think you could probably get by with mounting extra wheels on the broom until you were able to buy the pitch witch.
In order to do the best job, it would only make sense to have both.
Personally I would like to have both.

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A machine shop can build you one,they enjoy building things plus some can order any kind of pipe to cut to fit your wands or a hobby weilder can build anything.I have a muffer shop here that likes to do things like deer stands,duck blinds,tree climbers,anything he can put a rod to.There is alot of things in this trade you can build your own with some wishful thinking,if you have a weilder build your own.
A contract washer's time is worth 50-60-$75 per hour.Right now you are about 20 minutes in the hole thinkin' about it.
Sorry,.... All I know is if it saves me 10 hours out of a season I am way ahead!!! Way Ahead!!!!
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Will agree "if" the powerwasher is washing his time is worth 50-60-75 per hour but "if" his setting around his time is worth duh how much,I'm here to help not sale.Why build your own flat surface cleaner..come on why.


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same reason painters wash there brush's. Buy the way BIGBOY i like the build it yourself thing and ive got a welder but not very meny homeowners have a welder for alum. i wish i did.
i bet i could make one out of PVC FOR ABOUT $40 COMPLETE.
No selling here Bigboy...I just find it amusing that we are sitting here talking about turning one accessory into another for some reason I am really not sure why...maybe it's the $200 eh?
From what I understand you don't even need a pressure washer to clean roofs...Hehehehehe!!!
I myself don't clean roofs(yet) But if I did I would contact
Glenn @ Ace Cleaning...Home of the Pitch Witch roof cleaning attachment 866-788-5074


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<marquee>Merry Christmas</marquee>

All this talk about sitting home and how much we make an hour and why build your own instead of buying comes down to two basic things.

1: Can you afford to buy the best there is or one close to it?

2: If you're truly handy and have the time and knowledge to build one yourself then go ahead.

Who knows, make enough of them, make sure it works as good as the ones now sold and that you have not stolen anything that is copy righted and you might have another business.

Now before any of you reply give this a thougt, did you not shop around and price equiptment before buying?

Sure some started out with a Home Depot PW but even those that did shopped around before spending big bucks.

I sure as heck did and still do, like the hand held thingy, looked at them, asked here who uses then took all the information and decided I would not use it enough to pay the price asked so did not buy it.

Same goes for these two item, the question is not which cost the least but which will DO THE JOB YOU WANT IT FOR BEST.
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Trouble,you ant seem trouble wait until tomorrow,cann't stir enough today for me to jump on ya nomatter how ugly ya say I is.Yel long winter,I cann't wait either,its going to be in'ter'est'ing to see who get's T'd at another hehehehehe,I want,I want,I want,you cann't T me off hahahaha but I know I can some of you hahahaha wait until tomorrow hehhehe I hope san'ta was good to ya b/c I want I want I want wait until tomorrow.

MERRY CHRISTMAS for the day but wait until tomorrow BOY.

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Good morning J.R,hope christmas was good for ya,mine was great up until last night,had a grandson break his finger,6 yrs. old,brave little fart,didn't cry with blood all over,his mom told everybody how brave he was,he didn't cry,,the other kids ask him didn't it hurt and he said YEL I wanted to cry but pa was watching.

My post reads the way it does is b/c I seen your post before you edited it (guarantee,+),like I said I'm here to help.I didn't go into detail as how to build one like I did several several months ago on Delco's bbs but I still feel if a guy wants to build his own on anything he has that right nomatter where the ideal comes from wheather it be brother,sister or frrrrrrreind.I've also felt like freind was spelled wrong b/c I always get my ie and ei missed up,just hope you think of me as a friend as you do others,I thought it was funny as in ALRIGHT a friend,hahaha


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Excuse me Bigboy but around here one comes to understand typo's and such are the norm, we expect to see ya talk as ya do, in fact the few times you done it right in plain English shocked up.

As long as we understand what your saying I would not fret about the EI IE stuff, heck I get things messed up too.

U just keep on the way you is and no one will worry bout you, BUTT heaven forbid you start forgetting your mountain folk talkin language we might indeed worry bout ya.

Now I know if I tried to build something you would laugh so hard we would think another California earthqake was happening.

Heck Scott and Ron would feel it way down in indian county.
I’d have to go with Bigboy on this one. I don’t go with the mentality of why think when you can buy it retail. Yes my guys are worth the $ you mentioned working, however it’s my job as a manager / facilitator to think, ie shopping around, coming up with another way etc. Why buy one when you could make 4…

That’s how I did it anyway, but to each his own.

And yes, a welding shop could wip one out in about a day with some easy to find out specifications.
I know I did not invent that Pitch Witch but I would consider buying one if it were not so pricey. I know when its yours you can set your own prices but for me I dont see $200.00 dollars worth thier knowing that the water broom cost about $50.00. So yes I think you could build a couple of them for $200.00 bucks. I am not bashing Glenn but I shop around and I dont think that is the best value for my money thats all I am saying.

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