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Been out of towm with Family this week, sorry to have missed this one. My take on this is if you can build one yourself go for it. If you commision a machine then that's great to, but machine shop labor isn't cheap as I iknow first hand! I have costs to consider when pricing these units. 1. Sponsoring this BBS. 2 Advertising Nationally. 3. Product liability 4. Proffessional fees related to Patent issues 5. Web site development and hosting, and the list goes on. I basically take my Manufacturing costs and add the other costs above to that and then decide what I need to make on each unit to make it worth while. That's how I and many other manufacturers determine pricing. I do foresee a change in pricing in the future but not any time soon. I wish I could afford to just give everybody one but I just can't afford it. Just like we're all in the business to pressure wash, well homeowners and business owners could do that themselves too. I use nothing but the best materials I can find to build these units. The components are precission machined, the hardware 316 grade stainless steel, and each unit is a result of my hard work and research. If that's not worth anything to you, then so be it.
IT's funny I agree w/ big-boy and Glenn....... and it is sad it dont matter if you have a patent or not it dont stop anybody from building one like it ........... as long as they dont build it and then sell it. now you are talking lawyers....

take my brush for example........ it took alot of research ... alot of trail and error... wasted money. but in the end I did make a wonderfull product not only to save time but also $$$$$$$,,,,

It's the chance ya take ..... thats why I no longer make it available ..... if any body wants the plans I will sell that way..... but I wont sell a complete unit........... Then lets say big-boy pays me 200000000000000.00 dollars for my planes and he sells 15 of them to somebody else for 4000000000000.0o then I lost out and bummer for me...........it's a sad sad world
but what can you do ...... not a darn thing.............


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GOODYEAR can make tires that dont go flat and will not wear out in the life of the car but what about all the people that make a living from changeing them and repairing them? My problem with there product is that you only use %5 of the tire and the rest is garbage[tread] then they have resposabilty to recycle there waste.
if i had an idea that could make you tons of money and production was only $1.00 i would charge $100 or more just because i know you can make so much money.
Hey DAN will you lease me a complete unit?
The X-JET was invented because RON blew himself off a ladder and broke his leg.
He put the time and effort in so i dont feel that i paid too much for a tool i use as often as i can.
If i had a call to clean a roof i would pay not to have to get on the roof to do the job.
My off time is OFF time. Why do you go out to eat? you got food in the fridge dont you?

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Can you grow your own beef,pork,chickens and ect. and if so do you know which feed to feed as to its taste or growth or production or ect.

Glenn its not "so be it" as in a growing marketing mans world,take what was said and go with it "hint he or they even made a ford".

The one I buildit several months ago looks something like yours bout only thing different is the metal and rough tread tires.

Do not feel hard on the guys that can build or go to the trouble to build whatever,they are some of our greatest idealist when it comes to taste,growth,production and ect.,,,its just so be it they don't get into marketing.

Take the flatcleaner or is it now a flat hovercleaner,which is better,wheels or nowheels,doesn't matter but they are several to choose from,comes in several different colors or metals,some are buidit from 55 gal. drum bottoms,ect..

Take another look before you decide to "so be it",stuff like this goes with the marketing world your in as to better not worse the best fairlane,pinto,must-tang ford buidit.



Maybe you we're reading between the lines again, lol. I think it is great guys what to build their own and I encourage them too. You would be surprised at the number of people who call to order one that have tried to build something simiular on their own, or were in the process of doing so when they ran accross mine. Even a higher number than that have invisioned one in their mind and just didn't realize that one was already being marketed.
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Does the PitchWitch make cleaning roof easier or doe it do a better job than a power washer alone? Is it worth the investment?

I would be interested in hearing from individuals that have used the system.

I know all about what your doing, thats what makes America so great! Honestly never heard of yours 10 years ago, I made one off of the old water hose water broom design, just dittled with it and made it the way I wanted. I don't do roofs. I use mine for new construction clean ups.

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