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I am a newbie with a question for you pros out there. I just bought an Alkota 5000psi / 5 gpm hot water skid. All my equipment I have ( surface cleaner, pole extension ) are rated for 4000 psi. Is it OK to regulate the pressure down with the unloader valve when I use these accessories? My unloader dumps back into my buffer tank. Thanks for the help!


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Yes that would be ok, you should not use them at higher pressures than they are rated for.

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It could cause problems with the unloader, I usually suggest leaving unloader set at factory
specification and varying pressure using nozzles.

For example a 5.5 GPM @ 5000 PSI machine we sold yesterday delivered 5000 PSI with a 1505 nozzle,
and @ 2500 PSI with a 1507 nozzle.

The 5000 psi spike pressure is held between the gun and the unloader so the pressure between outlet
of the trigger gun and the nozzle is determined by nozzle size.

If you use a #6 nozzle your pressure should be 3000 PSI with no unloader adjustments needed, it will
spike between gun and unloader at the pre-set spike or unload pressure.

For your surface cleaner two 1503 nozzles would give you @ 3000 PSI, if it is a 3 bar surface cleaner
you would use three # 2 nozzles 1502's............

Hope this helps...............


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Here are some pictures of the Hydro Tek SCU51006VG we delivered to Ryan of
Creative Environmental & Safety Solutions yesterday.

(Ryan will be doing the install in the trailer himself, and will post some pics when complete.)

I believe Ryan will be joining the PWN soon....... photo (34).jpg photo (35).jpg
Thanks for the help Mark. I have got sooo much to learn. I wish I could find a hot water unit locally that had a higher gpm. Can't afford a new one right now or a higher gpm pump either. Maybe after I get a few more jobs under my belt. Gotta start somewhere.

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