Rooftec Tip: What Are You Testing?

Ryan Cash

Before you clean someone's home, What are you testing?

Will the paint get bleached out?
Will overspray ruin a freshly stained deck?
Will your surface cleaner etch and damage the newly poured concrete?

“Test, Test, Test” Anyone can show up and spray bleach on a house or blast concrete with enough PSI to make it look better MOST of the time.

True professionals will take the extra steps to make sure the customer isn’t wasting their money.

Do test spots on painted areas; know your chems and what their capabilities are. Ask questions about the different substrates around the home. Test everything!

Some paints have organic dyes that are affected by SH. Concrete newer than 3 years old can potentially be damaged by high pressure cleaning.

Take every chance you have to test, learn and separate yourself from your competition.

Not Just A Roof Pump!

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