TIP/WARNING - RE: Mail Boxes

Even though it is NOT enforced in some areas it is a FEDERAL LAW that says anything that is touching, or attached to the outside or inside of any mailbox must be postage paid. I had been billed for 200 pieces by the US Post Office even though the box was purchased and set up by a private individual.
Now, if it is not physically touching the box - they can not do anything (like on the mailbox post).
---- Just a Tip ---- Good Luck!

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Good tip! One that I see done all the time in my neck of the woods.

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Ok AranServices you have indeed got me lost on this post.
Are you saying that anything that so much as touches a mail box they can bill you for?

I mean like how the heck are you suppose to make those boxes stand still if not attached to something?

Oh well I get all my mail at the US Post Office so it won't matter to me. If anyone ever sent me mail at my home I would be lucky to ever see it, I never check my mail box here.

It also cuts down on junk mail too!

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Instead of tacking flyers to mailboxes, this is what I started doing a couple years ago, and it has worked well for me.

I buy 6" x 12" x .002 mil plastic bags in boxes of 1000. I think I pay about $15.00 per 1000, or about 1.5 cents each. Look in the YP under bags.

I have a nice half page flyer made up. I put a flyer in a bag, add a rock, roll up the end of the bag and staple it. ( you can buy a 50# bag of rocks at Home Depot for about $2.50 ). I use the medium sized smooth rocks, if you use the smaller rocks, you will have to put 3-4 rocks in the bag.

Now comes the easy part. To deliver them all I do is roll down the passenger window, slowly cruise down a neighborhood street, and throw them from the drivers side out the passenger window onto the driveways. Just like delivering a newspaper. No stop and go at each driveway, just cruise about 5-10 mph.

Yes it does take alot of time to prepare these flyers. It takes me about 40 minutes to prepare 100 flyers. However, the time saved delivering them is well worth it to me. Not to mention the money saved in labor. It takes two people to tack flyers to mailboxes, one driver, and one hanging out the window tacking them. Unless you drive down the wrong side of the road, then the driver could do it alone, which could be dangerous.

Another big benefit. Rainy, windy days are no problem, bag keeps the flyer dry, and the rock keeps them in the driveway.

I hope this helps.

Larry Staton
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Hi Jon,
I guess I should have mentioned that the plastic bags are clear plastic. The potential customer never has to open the bag. He/She can read the flyer through the clear plastic.

If I have a job in a subdivision that I haven't worked in before, and the subdivision has 250 homes, I'll pass out flyers to all the homes. They will see the flyers, see my 3'x4' yard signs, see my trucks and cargo trailers.
Just one in many ways that I market my business. I also use direct mail, yellow page adds, several newspapers. All that and still over half my business comes from referals, nothing beats it!

Take care,

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we found out about this 3yrs ago, postman told us same thing,we use pop-up Magic tape strips,its made by scotch, and has alittle band dispenser you wear on your wrist really nice about $5.00 we put them on door to houses, businesses,and does't seem to take long at all,except for those long driveway!!!Thought about flyers that just hang on the door knob,but this seems best for us, and the flyers really work well for us we had people hang onto them for several months then call, we offer 10%discount and we dont put expiration date on ours, and have Business card Attached,heck if they just use them like they do, we know its not a waste of Money or Time, one of our bigger accounts told us they grabed one off a vacant building,and had been trying to get this account for Months,one thing about houses, you never know who you might meet, or you do their this house, and end-up with their company or neighbor, Best advertisement for your money 2000- flyers,1000 b-card plus flers are folded, for cost at KINKOS LESS THAN $300.00.


Talked to the postman, and he said yes it is a federal offense, and no, it is not enforced, at all, in Texas. If you put it IN the mailbox, shame on you, your going down. But, he also said that he has heard of folks getting hit with a fine for littering for each flyer found on ground.

Take it for what its worth.

Craig Knight
Craig - in some states I think the law they have is called the Green River Ordinance which prohibits the distribution of trash.

Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
Advertising Ideas

Just a thought and this is what i do, here are a couple of ways to advertise that take alot less time then putting out flyers:

1. Mass Mailing ie.. bulk mail

2. have flyers inserted into your local paper

let me know your thoughts or ideas please

Mark, glad you touched old topic.
I also wonder what persentage of responce do you guys get on flyers?
I score only about 2%, which is alright considering that they cost nothing and some people will refer you after they hire you from your flyer.

Here's another tip - once my customer put her recomendation in writing and I copied and clipped it to my flyer that I spread in her community. Responce was recordbreaking 10% ! Five times more than usual. This works great in a tight communities where everybody knows everybody.
I think its good that some body does a search and reply's to an old post, It then brings it to the top and for those who just look at new posts,like me, gets some good subjects some new light.
I agree with Jon:)

Keep posting .old/new

Everybody has gained a better way to do things since the old post were made.

new ideas old ideas.keeping it alive!!
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