Vinyl siding job advice


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Hey everybody, this is my first season amateur pressure washing as a side gig. So far so good, slowly building a happy customer base. Mostly wood docks, decks, stairs and driveways. But I just got offered a large vinyl siding job (2story,7k sq ft building, prep for paint) and could use some advice before I decide to take it or not.

-Have been reading what I can about safely cleaning vinyl and so far it looks like I need to use a pressure reducer on my 3200psi Simpson.

-The biggest thing is that I’m confused that most sources caution against ever spraying at an upward angle yet professional demo videos show them using a telescoping lance and doing just that a lot of the time. If I have to maintain a slight downward angle that will mean a frame or two of scaffold and a wand extension with an angled tip or a cherry picker that will eat a lot of profits. If I can in fact spray at an upward angle with an extension and reduced pressure then obviously I would, but I don’t want to risk damage especially on a large commercial job that my insurance might not be sufficient for.

-Did a few test patches between oxygen bleach and chlorine based (mixed weak) and the latter worked way better, it’s at a busy intersection so I’m seeing a combination of mildew and brake dust. But it seems to come off pretty easily and the bleach based agent left it squeaky clean which is what I imagine the painters will want.

-I’m not wanting to give customer a bid for this job because realistically I have no idea how long it will take me or what to charge. I told them I was leaning towards the hourly rate I get for skilled labor and could time the first 10 linear feet or so and they can calculate a rough cost estimate from that.

Ant advice about spray angle or other things I should be keeping in mind would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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