What happened to Facilitec?

They are no longer listed on the IKECA member page. Did they join PWNA? CHDCA? Does this mean their network of certified exhaust cleaners has been disbanded? Inquiring minds want to know.

Facilitec AKA Ecolab is an international conglomerate. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with their own form of certification. That way they get to keep all the money.

For anyone thats interested

Ecolab sells Facilitec operations

Ecolab, St. Paul, has sold its Chicago-based Facilitec grease management business to National Fire Services of Gurnee, Ill. Terms of the sale of Facilitec — which had 2003 sales of $20 million — were not disclosed. In commenting on the sale, Ecolab chairman and chief executive officer Allan Schuman said, "While a sound business, we determined Facilitec did not provide a long-term fit within our service business model. This action will allow us to focus our resources on areas in which we can generate greater customer and shareholder value."

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