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    Up front money

    Never took down payment before started to do this year I wish I would of done it before. Always have had a contract. Just like to add if they want there deposit back they have to have a good reason like lost there job, not my husband decided to do it himself. Charlie
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    It is law that they have to supply a MSDS Sheet once again look on the container you should fine the manufactures number on it. Charlie
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    Call the company that sells the product the number should be on the container. Charlie
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    home show results

    Well Dan how many did you end up with? Charlie
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    Price fixing

    I personnally don't like to discuss my pricing to anyone. Many times I am on the high end, but I do things different then my competion. Calling them up and saying to them we should all be in the same pricing is obsurd. Business is business. Now talking to other Powerwashers on how to solve a...
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    Manager / Coach? Who Me?

    This was my first year of coaching my sons 5th grade basketball team. Had alot of fun doing it. Went 2-6 for the season. Started playing in the end of the year tournament. We are in the final four. Just beat a team that beat us by 20 during the reg season last sat to advance. Play the first...
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    Space shuttle

    Went to school with Laura. She graduated year ahead of me. Even though I didn't get to kno her, sure sounds like she was a great person back in high school looking through my year book. May God accept them all 7 of them in his kingdom. Charlie Racine, Wi. Sure is a sad day in our...
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    advertising question

    Just got back from my cruise from the carrib. What ship are you taking . We went on Conquest. Charlie
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    Stolen images and should look

    I think you have to tap in this guys back yard and get some of his business if he has any. Apparently he can't do as a good job as you guys. Good luck on resolving this problem. Beth, why don't you post on Greggs board? Charlie
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    need help bidding interior building cleaning

    Make sure you are properly insured to do this job. Charlie
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    Double Sided Biz Card

    I own 2 businesses keep them seperate, more impressive. When customers asks what else do you do say I own another business and give them that card, my other business is pest control. As for telephone lines I have one line with two different numbers on it. On how I differranchinate them is by...
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    PWNA has changed there membership dues.

    Paul I agree that is one of the reasons why I started to switch to local organizations to help me grow in my business. NARI and looking at going into the Chamber next year. Charlie
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    Cocrete Surface Cleaner For Sale

    Jon You forgot about the earthquake. Charlie
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    PWNA has changed there membership dues.

    Dan S. What do want a organization to do for you? If it is to get better insurance rates that won't happen to many variables. What I look for in an organization is ideals on how to better my business. Charlie
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    My Website. What do you think

    Did you do anything for the friends home the castle? If not wouldn't leave that picture on the page. Everthing else looks fine. Charlie