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    Storm Drain Covers?

    $ 8..... As long as water inside pool is higher than water outside pool, it will seal. Intex Recreation 48X10 2Ring Stars Pool Wading Pools: Toys & Games
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    Check-in Offer Using Yelp

    It must be a paid feature, because I don't see the offer on my account. Just the regular offer link.
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    Sales Letter Example

    Hello Ant! Giving away the key to the kingdom. LOL
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    vinyl siding red dirt stain removal?????

    Try some potassium Hydroxide. I had some luck with it and scrubbing with a soft brush.
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    Just starting the business

    $8 will get you a 0040 tip that will do similar. Mark at easy clean sells the tips you need.
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    ALL WINDOW PROS...Not windows but a SHOWER !!

    The girls working for me in my cleaning service swear by the Magic Erasers.
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    How is business this year?

    Market more and look to your existing customer base. They may not need a House wash this year but the driveway they put off last year needs it. And that activity leads to getting noticed by a neighbor or two. BTW.... I voted Great!
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    "Stain Solver" Oxygen Bleach

    Folks, Mark (Sponsor of this site) sells all of the CONTRACTOR GRADE chems needed. Stay away from those DIY and Weekend warrior stores. You are wasting your money and time trying to make watered down chems do a PRO job. Especially stay away from the Stain Solver that is pitched and sold by...
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    Employee Wages

    We start out at $12/hr and go from there. Shirts provided but not Pants. Cell Phone only for leads. As for cost cutting, I really don't focus on that. We try to educate and get the $$ amount we need to cover all expenses including my Salary as well as good employees. Customers don't dictate...
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    Pressure washing network meeting. March 14, 2009

    There is a Round Table coming to your area in the near future.... Atlanta, Georgia RT - Sun Brite | National Cleaning Expo - Mobile Cleaning Events
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    Surface cleaning...

    No such thing. Nothing down a storm draid but rain water. Try not to get caught up in the hype around "Green" Chemicals. You'll waste money and also time because most don't work very well anyhow. The key to being "Green" is in the steps you take to be responsible. It is all about the...
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    Two stepping

    I don't know crap about 2-stepping. If the results are just blowing this guys mind, then why is cost even being considered? I do know BUSINESS. Why worry about the cost when you have a customer that is sold on the results and the method? Raise the price to cover expense and make a profit. If...
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    Tip of the Day (well maybe not everyday)

    Before the pressure washer gets started.... We do a quick walk around homes to check for windows/doors left open. Look for prior damage and document./notify homeowner. Also, pass out door hangers to surrounding homes.
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    pressure pro anyone??

    I've had both and found nothing wrong with either. Sort of equal. So.... Being equal, You can generally buy 2 Pressure Pro Units for the price of 1 Landa. Kind of a No-brainer to me. However, if your local shop won't service the Pressure Pro, you may want to look at other brands if you aren't...
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    Whisper Wash Big Guy Surface Cleaner

    Driveway Cleaning Lexington, KY I love our Big Guy... YouTube - Driveway cleaning in Lexington KY