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    Good Chem Injector

    I tried two didn't work! Just run your machine without a hose and you will spray about 50 feet out of the injector. Too much pressure for suction...I am guessing.
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    Good stuff... Good price!
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    Wow 9 of them and no-name!!

    I noticed that the last few times I have visited here that I was acknowledged as guest until I manually punched in my user name and password...maybe that is why it looks like there are so many guests registering.
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    What do you think of this guy?

    42 people a day die in his death camps. He imprisons people in death camps if he thinks they don't like him...he also imprisons the whole family, and none of them get out alive. And since this jackass took over for his father this has been going on for decades. That means little children have...
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    Who Should Get This BBS

    Just what we need another election! Just kidding. I remember Dan's first rinky dink board and he turned that into a great success, when he went with Vbulliten. I just hope this board doesn't change too much. All the boards are not the same. And I must say that this one is the best pressure...
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    adding hot water to cold machine

    For the cheap ones you will need a generator, so it isn't cheap anymore.
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    Want to make your own x-jet?

    You are all wrong and you are also right. Some people shop price some shop emotion, some will only use referrals. Ron you are too cheap period. Instead of using $99 put $179 I guarantee unless you are a bad face to face salesman you will get just as many if not more house washes. Up here in...
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    Double Sided Biz Card

    Since I do mainly residential I was forced to diversify, that's why I changed my business name to J.R Wood Exterior maintenance. That about covers everything. Unless it is a separate business I would go for it.
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    x jet

    Most of the people looking at the threads are just as interested in the answer as the person posting.
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    3000 psi hot water unit

    What I would like to know is where you can buy a 3500 psi 5 gpm machine for $1200. I am assuming it is a belt drive.
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    My truck stalls out on hills

    Sorry it is a 7.5 (460) engine and it is not a diesel. I rebuilt the carb today and it does the same thing. I already checked the tanks for crud and changed the filters. I also put isopropyl in to absorb any water. I am stumped. I don't think this thing has an onboard computer. I am going to...
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    My truck stalls out on hills

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this. My f-350 keeps stalling out on hills or whenever there is a load on it it is a big flatbed.1987 7.1 liter engine. It runs fine on flat surfaces. anybody know anything about carburetor problems?
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    Customer attitude...Am I wrong?

    Being in multiple phone books with literally millions of prospective customers, I won't sweat this one. Especially since there is only eight people on the street. I tend to think that this lady doesn't even know her own neighbors or else "number three" would have called her to let her know I...
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    Customer attitude...Am I wrong?

    I recently fielded a call from a lady who was concerned about "A" rust spot running down a small spot on her roof. I agreed to come and look and see "what's up". Somehow I read the # wrong and went to number three instead of number eight. Can anyone relate? Well I went and found rusty nails in...