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    Proud Sponsor

    Hey Gang Its been along time since I posted or viewed any post . I been busy with the other stuff Kids Family Work etc just don't get a chance to get on the old inter-net. This is one of my favorite sites though and before I decided to post anything or reply , I got my check book and before...
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    Cutrus, Limonene, Oxy-Clean....

    Hey Ronniels, Her in South Carolina Mold and mildew live well on siding I feel like i have used everything . The happiest I have been though is with Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach Store bought 5%) and Limonene based my recipe In A 6 Gallon Bucket 2 and half gallons on bleach ( recomended by...
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    Cleaning Aluminum siding

    Hey John I agree with the others but you may want to clean a spot then spray some surface wax (HOT) and just see what it looks and feels like . It may Make a Difference . But If it turns into a paint prep job like Mike if refering ,don't use the wax it won't allow the paint to adhere properly...
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    Winter 's great for Cleaning out Gutters

    Remember the odd jobs this time of year. Its easy for the most part we have 200' of hose to go on top of a house and blow the leaves etc out of the Gutters for a quick revenue .( Be careful )we have found the 0 degree nozzle can reah way out there and cut back on alot of roof walking . But be...
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    Hey Ed , I would first treat it as if I had concrete dust on my truck or better yet my wifes car . Just try a gentle power wash rinse ,the glossey finish should be ok since its new. You may want to use a soap with a transport wax in it or just rinse with wax additive. Do a test area around...
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    Pressure washer for sale

    This guy in my town is selling his equipment. I talked with him today he is moving into another line of work . the unit is a landa 16hp hotwater skid model on a 14' trailer with 350 gallon tank he has flat surface cleaner ,wands 150' hose etc I believe the set up is 3 yrs old with around 120 hrs...
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    Wood exterior house washing

    Hey Tim , Yea on the painted wood I would feel comfortable using your normal house wash method. being careful of loose paint of coarse and pointing out any trouble spots to the owner first ( soft wood , peeling , fading etc. ) Log home if its stained and the stain has been on for more than a...
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    training videos for sale

    Spent the weekend cleaning in the office and ran across six videos from ***** I bought 2.5 yrs ago . I think I paid 200.00 dollars for 1. house washing 2. bells and whistles recycling 4.flat work 5. restaurant vent hood cleaning 6. starting your own cleaning business . they at least...
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    oxalic acid question

    Hey sluggo I have been buying mine from Chris and Pete at Sun Brite , Links at the top of the board
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    Has anyone ever used any Duckback(Superdeck) stains?

    Hey larry I've used it and like it Its been on my deck 14 x 16 p/t for about a year with very little color change ( natural cedar ) . the cost is higher than the home warehouse stores and this is the reason the folks at super deck told me. You buy a gallon of stain. Super deck is 70% oil, resin...
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    whats the best airless sprayer tip size

    Thanks Greg this is a wagner sprayer I got
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    whats the best airless sprayer tip size

    Ok , I got an airless sprayer what size tip is best for stains
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    New modular homes

    Steve just make sure you know what your priceing and expectations are ? is it rinse the dust or detail for first class showing to potential buyers ? But buddy becareful, I would probably fall into the trap of I meet this nice sales guy he is getting me into a home he's my buddy I'll cut him some...
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    Tabby siding?

    hey Jon , I haven't cleaned tabby but I have stucco I would just use the general house wash recipe 2 gallons of bleach I cup of surfactant 2gallons of water and if that didn't get it up my bleach mixture . I woul apply with my x-jet so it wouldn't be diluted so much as it happens with down...
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    need some advice please

    Greg , heres what I did buddy 2 years ago when I started . I went To Home Depot and got there best unit yes they have good cold water units(honda cat pumps general vangaurd direct drives and belt drives) . get either one charge it or pay for it . they have a 30 day money back garantee so keep...