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    surface cleaner on wood

    I have a small 15" SC on the end of a 5' wand. I just make sure I lift it off the wood surface before starting it and then set it down so it doesn't leave a start up ring. Kind of a pain blending the edges in with a wand, but is a huge time saver for a large floor surface.
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    Help!! High pressure/low pressure, is there an answer or only opinion?

    A pressure washer can wash anything with low pressure if you know what your doing. It's all about knowing your equipment...
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    Bidding jobs via Intesource website

    I haven't seen any bidding sites like that yet, but I would be leary if it was Meijers that put the low bid in to get everyone to drop their prices. No one could possably travel between states, do all that work and make ANY money at $88. Your gas alone would cost more than that!
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    Gutter Whitening method

    Is anybody down streaming Simple Green? I've got some pretty blackened gutters to do next week. I've got a 24' pole and brush but I's like to DS the SG if I can.
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    Odd pressure hose

    Thanks Mark. Forgot all about this post. I just took it to the local farm supply and they cut the odd end off and put a 3/8 mpt fitting on it for me. Even they said it was an odd end to have on a PW hose.:confused:
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    Remote Starter?

    I once saw a steam unit that advertised it had a remote starter key chain type control. I laughed when I saw this. After my last couple deck jobs I realized how much time a remote starter would have saved me. I have a Honda GX390 13hp electric start with 3 amp alternator. I've contacted some...
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    Home Built Hot Box

    I'm doing something similar to Torque454. Got a 3 phase Landa unit REAL cheap. Ditched the 7.5hp 3 phase motor. Mounted the pump on a cart with a 13hp gas engine and I'm going to plumb it through the Landa coil/burner and run it's 220v single phase electric through my generator. I'm actually...
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    Deck Slide Show

    Hey Guys! Just did a deck that I thought was a lost cause. Turned out a lot better than I expected. Just wanted to share a slide show to see what you think. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Customer was REAL happy! He said the last guy just bleeched it and tore...
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    "Stain Solver" Oxygen Bleach

    I've been reading up on brightening and many people recommend using oxalic acid based brighteners. Thompsons and Olympic both sell these cleaner/brighteners. I've heard it's a fairly nasty chemical. About $10/gal. Others say they have switched to a citrus based chemical, but I don't know any...
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    "Stain Solver" Oxygen Bleach

    I've used the generic Sun brand oxy-clean. I mixed 2 scoops oxy cleaner with 2 cap fulls of generic color safe liquid bleach per gallon of water. Sprayed on with a garden sprayer. Used about 1000psi and a green tip. Worked really good! Didn't show any wood fibers like Armor All (bleach based)...
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    Odd pressure hose

    I was looking at a hose that came with my Landa unit. It's 3/8" on one end, goes down to 1/4" that connects to a whip line and then goes back up to 3/8".:confused: Any idea what the restriction down to 1/4" might be for?? Something to do with steam maybe?
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    New Business Need Marketing Ideas....

    I'll second the Vista print products. Haven't tried mailing any post cards yet though. I got great products and service for the money. You can get some very specific mailing lists on line CHEAP! My town has a free local newspaper with a 13,000 circulation. It's only $18/issure for 2x3" ad in the...
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    Purple Power Vs Simple Green

    I've been getting Sun brand oxycleaner for about $1/lb. at Wally World. Haven't tried it with pressure washing yet. I tried some Clorox color safe bleach on a spot of porch that was REALLY moldy and turned out great. The wood looked really restored. Not just bleeched and blasted. A couple ounces...
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    Pressure Quick Connects

    I'm used to using air line quick connects that stop the air flow when disconnected from the tool. Should I assume this is not the case with a PW line quick connect? The ones that came with my used hoses have no pressure block off inside of them. Is that normal? I guess you just use a high...
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    Purple Power Vs Simple Green

    I didn't mean I clean houses with it. I just use it as a general around the house cleaner/degreaser.