1. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing School Houston Texas

    Check out all our training events coming up for the second part of 2017. Commercial and residential Sales training with myself and Ron Musgraves, hands on training focusing on cleaning techniques and other options available at https://www.pressurecleaningschool.com/events/ Call or text me at...
  2. Doug Rucker

    EIFS Dryvit cleaning Houston Texas

    We clean a lot of EIFS and Dryvit exterior buildings when pressure washing in Houston Texas. One thing we never do is pressure wash this type of exterior surface as the this could cause damage. We always clean these using our low pressure soft wash cleaning process.
  3. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing School Trailer Rig

    Here is a video on our new pressure washing trailer rig that we use for our commercial clients in the Houston Texas area. We recently designed this and had it built locally and now have them for sale through my Pressure Washing School. Our Houston pressure washing company Clean and Green...
  4. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Houston Truck Rig

    Just wanted to show off our new Pressure Washing Houston truck rig we built. This is a great rig that allows not to have to haul trailers around the Houston traffic. We use it to clean residential homes as well as commercial properties. Many of our clients love the fact that we don't have a...
  5. Doug Rucker

    Flagstone Patio Cleaning Houston

    We recently cleaned this Flagstone Patio here in Houston Texas using our very low pressure cleaning process and safe chemicals. The Customer was very pleased with the outcome.
  6. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Truck Wrap

    Here are a few pics of our truck wrap that was designed by Ryan Kettering of ProlificPrints.com Ryan does awesome work and very easy to work with. Can take a few thoughts or ideas you give him and quickly come up with a design you'll like. Pressure Washing Houston TX | Clean and Green...
  7. Doug Rucker

    Rust Stain Removal Houston Texas

    One of my favorite jobs to do is a Rust Stain Removal Houston Texas job. We only use the F9 BARC PRODUCT because it is the safest to use and helps us to prevent damage to a wide variety of surface that we use it on. In fact, we are proud that we were the very first trained and certified Pro...
  8. Doug Rucker

    UAMCC U.S. Road Trip Tour

    Ron Musgraves, Tony Shelton and myself have been on the road about a week as we tour the U.S. visiting with Associate and Contributing members of the UAMCC....also many of our Manufactures like AR, Udor, General Pump, and others. Will post some pics of our trip here.
  9. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School 2013

    Here are the Dates for The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School for 2013. January 7-8 February 4-5 March 4-5 April 8-9 May 6-7 June 3-4 July 8-9 August 5-6 September 9-10 October 7-8 November 4-5 December 9-10 The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School is 1 1/2 days of...
  10. Doug Rucker

    Shopping Center Cleaning Houston

    Worked on this Houston Texas shopping center on Thanksgiving Day getting it ready for the Black Friday Shoppers.
  11. Doug Rucker

    Houston Texas Pressure Washing

    Here are few pictures of a vinyl sided garage apartment I cleaned last week.
  12. Doug Rucker

    Sidewalk Cleaning Houston

    A small little Sidewalk cleaning job we did.
  13. Doug Rucker

    Power Washing Houston Texas

    Here is job we did removing cob webs from this Lake Front on Lake Livingston. Lake Livingston Texas is about an hour north of Houston Texas.
  14. Doug Rucker

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    Here are some pictures of a Roof we cleaned last week using our Non Pressure Washer Roof Cleaning method in Kingwood Texas. Kingwood Texas is located just North of Houston Texas
  15. Doug Rucker

    Commercial Property Cleaning Houston

    Clean and Green Solutions recently cleaned this Commercial Property in Houston Texas for Chase Bank located in Katy Texas
  16. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Houston Texas

    Don't ya just love Landscaping Companies that don't clean up after themselves.
  17. Doug Rucker

    Graffiti Cleanup Houston Texas

    Got a call yesterday to clean up this overnight graffiti mess made by Vandals in Houston Texas. The Woodland Oaks Homeowners Association was pleased with our results.
  18. Doug Rucker

    Tile Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

    Clean and Green Solutions completed this Houston Texas Tile Roof Cleaning
  19. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Houston

    Clean and Green Solutions completed this Houston Texas Roof Cleaning in the city of Dayton Texas. Dayton Texas is just outside of Houston. We cleaned the roof using our NON PRESSURE Roof Cleaning service and also cleaned the Vinyl Siding,Chimney and Removed Rust Stains caused by the irrigation...
  20. Doug Rucker

    Street Sign Cleaning Houston Texas

    Here are pic's of a street sign we cleaned up while we were doing the Houston Texas Townhome Cleaning.