1. J

    It's official ! We are building a Brother to the Yellow Beast... AGAIN !

    As most know, we have been cleaning Parking Garages before most have ever had the thought of going into business as pressure washers. In fact, most in the garage cleaning business was working in a different occupation Years after we have been in the business for Parking Garage Cleaning...
  2. New Look

    Pressure Washing Patios and Driveway in Fairfied, CA

    Posted these on FB but figured since I was on a roll...might as well post em over here. :) Did this puppy today. Customer is having a graduation party on Sat. and needed to get the back patios and driveway cleaned up.
  3. J

    22 years in cleaning parking structures begins

    As our 22nd year in cleaning parking structures begins, we find ourselves facing a growth problem. We simply do not know whether to expand or start saying NO to new customers. So we have decided to step up to the plate and continue to build more custom Parking Garage Cleaning equipment so that...
  4. J

    Do filtration units always maintain maxium GPM's for hours on end ?

    I wrote this last year and it still holds true today. The fact is that NO ONE can clean faster then their filtration unit if filtration/ reclamation is required. If you have 2 machines going at 6 GPM ( 2x6 = 12 GPM) and you have a filtration unit of 14 GPM, you will not be able to...