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    McDonalds Contract

    Appreciate that :) Granted every market is different but in general corporations like McDonalds probably average out about the same. Sounds like a decent gig for some steady busy work. Did you get this through a manager at one of the locations or with the district manager for the area if...
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    McDonalds Contract

    Lets talk $$$$$ What do the McDonalds end up averaging out to per store if you dont mind me asking? We were contemplating going after some commercial just to keep guys busy during the winter months. Just curious what each store is "worth" sort of speak on a monthly cleaning basis...
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    Strange donts on siding but doesn't look like artillery fungi

    I believe those are eggs there bud...... Not sure from which insect but I have seen them around here too.
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    How much money do PW's make a year, full time?

    25 ro 30 is probably accurate for a solo startup with an occasional helper. Even then your going to be busting your butt.
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    water tanks?

    We use a 250 leg tank as a buffer tank to run 2- 3500 @ 4gpm machines. USUALLY the supply keeps up but every once in awhile we get a well that just wont keep up and the guys end up sitting around waiting for it to fill. Tractor Supply carries the tank if you have one locally. Our belt...
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    cabot spf stain

    Got a free gallon of the SPF from the local distributor so I through it on a fence panel out back. Overall the look is okay if you like that heavy film look. Like Ken I see the biggest problems yet to come. I tried stripping it off the fence section 2 weeks back and it's not for the beginner...
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    price of stain included?

    We bill the material seperately at a mark up. Around here it seems help in closing the job when the customer knows that $x.xx dollars are going to go toward the finish that they would have to purchase anyway. I also noticed alot of people have the impression that the sealers average $12...
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    Using Oxalic Acid

    It sounds to me like your JUST applying oxalic and if that be the case it wont do much. Oxalic is always applied as the last step in the process. Whether your using a alkaline cleaner (percarb) or a caustic stripper the oxalic will nuetralize off the higher ph and supress the tannins in the...
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    deck pricing

    Olympic doesn't even claim to get that per gallon. In 10 years of doing wood care for a living I've yet to see a manufacturers "claimed" spread rate be equivelant to the actual rate we achieve during application. If they claim 200 we might see 125.
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    Your Method of Sealing?

    :rolleyes: Wow has this thread went through the test of time!
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    Your Method of Sealing?

    Hi Ben, Our toll free is nationwide.. not sure why it would not have rang through. In any case you can reach me direct at 219-405-4350 or on the toll free line at 866-WOODCARE (866-966-3227). Thanks Ben.
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    Solid color stain

    Cabbot ProVT and Sikkens Rubbol are probably the best IMO... Flood makes a pretty good solid as well. Greg Rentschler TimberSeal, Inc.
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    anyone ever use a small floor buffer to remove fuzzys?

    Swirl marks are very minimal if not undetectable. You will be able to better avoid them as you gain experience with the sander. Even using 50 - 80 grit paper we can sand out a floor and not see a single swirl mark :) It's a time saver! Greg Rentschler TimberSeal, Inc.
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    Your Method of Sealing?

    Hi Ben, We toyed with the One Time and another comparable product... both Acrylate Resin formulas and while the concept is good the product still needs improvements. The products are truely clear in color and provide little to no UV protection... therefore graying of the the structure still...
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    Just Moved to my new house!

    Dan lives a whopping 15 - 20 minutes from me :) I don't think he is in the biz anymore though! Greg :)