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    New members we need your help.

    Man the red on my space is hard to read and starts to blend
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    Where are you from?

    Wow been a long time from the last time I saw his post and has been some time from when he passed....
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    It telling me my last visit was 12-15-09 today is 7-11-10 so same here
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    Gum Removal

    bump on what Mr C said
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    Help!! High pressure/low pressure, is there an answer or only opinion?

    Now who wants 3000 psi on a roof or wood not me or anyone i know yes there is a time when you need a little more pressure. In fact I don't even bring a pressure washer to a roof cleaning job no need for it and wood can be trashed with high pressure,or water can be blown up behind siding of a...
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    Gum & oil stains

    You need hot water to remove gum and oil will never fully get out of the concrete
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    Getting around foliage…any ideas

    Try watering real good or bring tarps with you to cover the plants
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    what is happening with the BB ?

    I think we have a winner [wsmile]
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    Tip for gutter black streak removal

    Here is one more for you purple power will do the trick and is cheap
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    Roof Cleaning Orlando Florida

    That's how we roll in Orlando.....Job well done Don
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    13 HP (GX390) Honda Engine Problems

    Good luck hope you get it back up soon
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    How is business this year?

    Lots of clients from last year called again this year just did a contract for a shopping center and was ask about 60 gas stations biz is nothing like a few years ago but holding strong
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    need ideas that work

    Cold calling ,email ,faxing ,I have found if I sit down and do a email night. I get good feed back hit up all your fast food places in town internet is a power tool look for H.O.A ,schools go online and look up your local purchase dept for city/county/town see who,has what to bid on or if...
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    Winter Work

    Move to Florida......[spin] Just a joke
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    13 HP (GX390) Honda Engine Problems

    Maybe your pump needs seals or unloader is going bad. with a bad unloader it will cause the loss of pressure