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    Need help!

    I know of guys who think that is the "Gold Standard" for warranties.
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    You go, boys !

    New site looks great
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    kitchen ceiling cleaning

    I just want to know how it's done.We get asked about this a lot.
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    My new Toy

    Found out after I bought this one off the lot if had apriogrammer installed already.Since it was a Ford Certifies vehicle they have extended my warranty on the motor,trans and transfer to well past the normal 100k miles. The programmere was set on the middle setting when I got it and I have...
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    My new Toy

    This is my new toy. Bought it a few months ago.2003 Ford F250 XLT Lariat 4x4.
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    Drought? How are you affected?

    Parts of N.Ga are seeing stricter water usage bans enforced by each city above and beyond what the state guidlines are.The current restrictions range from level 2(where I live in southwest Ga) to level 4(N.Ga., Atl and surrounding counties). Pressure washers although exempted under state...
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    messed up a quote what do i do!!!!!!!

    No you don't ask for more $$$!!!You screwed up not the home owners,suck it up finsih the job at a loss and learn from your mistake!!!! Now how to fix the Ken or another wood restoration company and ask,no beg them to help you fix the headache.(Do not call me since wood resto...
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    Opinion on surface cleaner...

    We just purchased a whisper wash Ground Force.We have whirl-a-way the difference between them is like driving a Yugo and Mercedes. I believe the Allison is produced by the same company as Whirl-a-way B.E. Supply
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    wow 60years young !!

    Happy Bday Larry.
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    Hey guys!... just an update

    Tyler, You are indeed a rare young man.It's kids like you who achieve success in live because you are driven.Keep up the good work. Great website,nice before/after shots and easy to navigate.
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    what happened???

    Stay tuned for details. Update: It appears at this time the founding fathers of the PWNA have taken their domain name back.
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    two questions on house washing

    John, That is a closed feature on this BBS.As I understand it,it relates back to an incident several years ago when someone abused the PM/emails option. If someone has an emails addy in their signature area,that pretty much gives you the OK from them to send an email.
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    Check Out this USA Heroes Truck

    I have seen pics of this truck before.Seems like I remember hearing that it cost $10k to get them to show it.
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    Ribbed CMU

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Property Sold

    Ken is dead on with his assesment of the situation.It's sounds as if your contract isn't anything more than fancy toilet paper at this point.Trying to sneak one in under the radar will end up costing you. However,if you like doing free work and want to risk it,GET R DONE.I'm sure the new...