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    NC Boys

    Hey Glenn Still doing a lot of cars but starting to get calls for house washes also. It has been a tough winter battling those cold days with the wand. (and you know we are not used to that around here!!) John Wash Wagon ------------------ John May
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    Anybody washing school buses?

    You are lucky to live in an area where there is enough money in the school system to pay for this type of service. I washed handicapped school buses (short buses) in my area a few years ago and lost the account to(you won't believe this)-PRISON INMATES!!!! At least that is what I read in the...
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    NC Boys.....where are you?

    GLENN -- one more thing... I realized that maybe I have been working to much when I got to Tryon's Palace and the first thing I said was ,"Man, they need to call someone to pressure wash this place." I will leave that job for you to check on since I have my hands full and I think you are a...
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    NC Boys.....where are you?

    Hey Glenn. I am a NC boy, dont post a lot but read frequently. I have worked for 53 days straight as of yesterday.(of course I have mainly been doing cars and fleets-but I have been wide open). This great weather we have had down here has been AWESOME. I finally took off today. We were getting...
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    Has NOTHING to do with Pressure Washing!

    We eat whatever is convenient to where we are washing. Sometimes its a burger, sometimes its "vending food". I had those new KFC Twisters about 4 times last week because they are good and for $1.99 you get a drink with it also in my area. We throw sandwiches in the cooler if in a remote area...
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    Since Dennis has us thinking about Food! What is your favorite Junk Food?

    I am a diabetic.....That means that I LOVE anything that is sweet(only because I am not supposed to have it). On the up-side, car washing and power washing burns off lots of sugar and calories so I either keep some Little Debbies snack cakes or some kind of delicious dessert that wifey has made...
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    To Dream or Not to Dream?

    Well, in dreamland I have enough money that a job would just interfere with fishing time. ------------------ John May
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    countryboync..... What's your 10-20?

    Hey Glenn, NC checking in. The NC boys probably have had a little too much time off lately with all of this rain. It has been the wettest summer around here that I can remember. ------------------ John May
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    Dirty Dump Trucks

    The only way to rid of the film is to brush. If you are brushing already and still have the film you may want to change to a different soap. Cold water washing will be fine just dont forget the elbow grease. ------------------ John May
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    Keeping your family as part of your goals will help you strive for more. They really need you and they are lucky to have someone who wants to start his own business to help them out. Stick with it through thick and thin and your business will be rewarding to you and your family. Good Luck ...
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    Where do you keep your equipment??

    Mike, GREAT idea. One problem though... Disco Lighting. The ropes and pulleys and the table might hit one of the mirror balls or interfere with some of the lights effects. Dang, I am dreaming.(but before I wake up I might as well go over to the bar or talk to one of the dancers!!!)...
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    Where do you keep your equipment??

    I have an enclosed trailer which sleeps outside and a shop to store the extra equipment in. In the winter, I pull the trailer in the shop and put an electric heater inside of it. I have to say, I love the shop. When the wifes temper flares up, it is a nice place to go. I have a killer sound...
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    This outta be fun.......

    Man. I did not know that Ford or Chevy even made pressure washers. They are both great but I guess that I like Chevy the best since the last 3 trucks I owned were Chevys. I do like Ford better in the Nascar Circuit though... ------------------ John May
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    Sparked a newbee thought

    Just remember to use whatever YOU like the best. The chems and equipment that you use along with your own special touch on each job sets you apart from everyone else in the industry. You can get ideas from eveyone else, but to be better than everyone, fine tune those "ideas" to what works for...
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    Spare Parts list

    Dont forget the business part: Extra change of clothes, extra pens and pads never hurt. ------------------ John May