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    Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Wash in Oakland, CA

    Big 2 story house in Oakland. Old Victorian style home - house has not been pressure washed for about 9 years according to the home owner. Gutters were pretty filthy and the side of the house had a layer of black dirt laying on it. No ladders used at all. Applied chems from the ground and...
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    Dumpster pad/concrete cleaning in Sacramento, CA

    Commercial client in Sacramento, CA was liking this. Restaurant dumpster pad cleaning in Sacramento, CA for one of our monthly accounts. The other pics (grease bin) was for our client down in the Los Angeles area. Results came out pretty good.
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    Pressure Wash in Oakland, CA

    Shot a video in Oakland, CA on EBC showing the end results of a pretty dirty and old Victorian house. Mix was NMT 16 oz's of EBC to a 1/2 gal. of SH (10%) to a 5 gal. pail of water.
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    Pressure Wash Driveway in Alamo, CA

    Did this a few weeks ago and love the results. Pressure wash services were performed in small town called Alamo near Walnut Creek, CA Shot EBC with SH and surfaced cleaned and rinsed. There was heavy algae on the job. Did a first pass with just the surface cleaner to take a bite out of all...
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    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    The New Year brought our pressure washing services back to Vacaville, CA. Nothing really special about the job except that it came out good and the customer was pleased. We have been hitting the commercial contracts consistently in 2011 and it felt great having a change and doing a house...
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    Commercial Building Washes in Fremont, CA

    Did these at the beginning of of 9 of them. Surface is dryvit, which is a bear to clean. Overall things cleaned up nicely....client(s) were happy. It was a long day. I pulled up right when the sun was coming up and rolled up the last section of hose that evening.
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    Compact Dumpster Cleaning in Amercian Canyon, CA

    This was an impromptu job that we did this morning. Customer called me last night and asked if we could "hit" it in the morning. Anyway here are some before and afters
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    Pressure Wash in Berkeley, CA - Front Patio Area

    Cool customer near the UC Berkeley Campus. There is huge pine tree in that flagstone planter box in the one pic. Pine tree sap dripped onto the flagstone...kinda of a bummer for the customer because I told her that unless she cuts the tree down she will have more of the same problem.
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    Pressure Washing Patios and Driveway in Fairfied, CA

    Posted these on FB but figured since I was on a roll...might as well post em over here. :) Did this puppy today. Customer is having a graduation party on Sat. and needed to get the back patios and driveway cleaned up.
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    Pressure Washing & Gutter Cleaning in Oakland, CA

    Managed to get this one in this morning before all &*%# broke loose. We are having some crazy weather. This house was up in the Oakland Hills...way up there. I arrived this morning and boy the rain, hail, wind, sleet....come to find out we were under a tornado warning....I was wondering what...
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    Walnut Creek, CA Pressure Wash and Sealing

    Nice shot of the front porch which was Spanish Tile and the driveway (stamped concrete). Seal N Lock Super Wet.
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    Pressure Wash in Vacaville, CA

    Here we are tearing into a McDonald's in Vacaville, CA. All flat work including the drive thru. Client wanted the entire parking lot cleaned (asphalt). I recommended to her that she hire a sweeping company. Anyway.....
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    Fairfield, CA Pressure Wash and Sealing

    Enjoyed the heck doing this project. Repeat customer and they call me up every year when the Yankees are in town to play the A's. [spin]