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    PA - NJ Meeting

    I'm in upstate NY also, so northern NJ, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre or Allentown, PA would work out well. Saturday is good also.
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    Warren, Licensing requirements in HVAC - depends on where you're standing at the time and are not at all consistent with anything. The information below should be viewed from a stand point of a company that is providing residential and commercial HVAC services, not in terms of being...
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    I have no problem with governing bodies that enact legislation and/or licensing requirements for the safety of the public. Other than that I support the idea of "limited government," and after reading about the ring in the nose maybe - "limited marriage."
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    My Baby Came :)

    Today you've lived the purest moment of your entire life. She's absolutely beautiful !!! Congratulations.
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    Organizing receipts

    I use 9"X12" clasp envelopes for each month Jan through Dec. Anything pertaining to a given month goes in the appropriate envelope. Not to different from what you do.
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    Power washer-What to buy

    Bigboy, Very sharp rig! It looks like you constructed the frame with angle iron for your chem tanks. I think you mentioned at one time that you upstreamed your chem's. Are your chem tanks all piped to a manifold with individual shutoff's so you can isolate and pull the one you want?
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    Gators or Gortex

    Jon, Why not hip boots or waders? Cabela's website has hip boots on the same page as their waders. There are many heights and styles of both. In the link below you will find a typical pair of (hunting) gaitors at a not so typical price...
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    Any of you guys bowhunters?
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    Bigboy, Wish our herd was as large, they've got our hands tied compared to you. We can take 1 buck in archery season and can apply for another during gun (IF) you've filled your tag during archery season. Have to apply for a doe tag and is only issued in certain zones to select individuals...
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    Bulletin Board discussions

    This started over a demo. If you liked the results, call up the rep and place your order, if not - don't. If Cody wants to bash someone, so what, let him do it. He's a grown man and can say what he wants and if there are consequences I'm sure he'll deal with them. Cody nor anyone else...
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    which Unloader is better?

    Hey Wiz, Whats your thoughts on the unloader debate?
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    Had similar problem with water supply in an area I work in and I didn't want to carry water either. I looked at the float tanks normally sold with the units and 2 gal didn't seem enough. So I bought a 35 gal tank, bulk head adaptor, heavy duty Watts float valve, and filter and made one up...
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    ignition switch inoperative

    I haven't dug into any ignition switches but if all else fails and if it's starting and running ok, I'd just wire in another switch to open the circuit & kill the engine. You'd just have to make sure that the switch was closed prior to starting. If you decide to do this make sure the new...
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    Digital Camera?

    Wish I knew of something good to suggest. I'm starting to look into purchasing one also. A friend of mine knows a guy who uses them quite often and I'll try and speak with him about it. Hopefully he'll be able to offer some good advice and I'll let you know what he has to say. With all the...
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    Portland Cement

    In another thread, someone mentioned that they apply Portland Cement after cleaning concrete: What does this do and does the surface have to be dry before it's brushed in?