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    stripping off old paint !!!

    House washing is really best left to professionals with proper experience.
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    Our First Rig!!

    Is that a good deal? Seems average to me...
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    32 Building Apt Complex * 182 Breezeways

    $1000 per man / day...about right...If you are doing it yourself with a partner. Considering adding a crew - even at $12/hour you could cut that job quote in 1/2 and still come out ahead.
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    What Sealant Should I Use???

    Pressure Wash - absolutely with chemical cleaner and brightner Spray or Brush - I'd spray Cost - Expect to pay btw 1700 - 2300 based on the type of stain used. Stain Choice - I'd go Sherwin Williams. I'd highly recommend hiring a professional contractor. This is not a job a...
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    Check out this rig

    His RIG adds a ton of credibility. Plus its the same as sealcoaters...they usually get one Job in a neighborhood and end up with 5 because everyone sees them doing it. I applaud him for his sales ability. Cold Calling / Knocking on doors is tough. When I do decks you'd be amazed how many...
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    Wood brightener

    I was under the impression to rince the hell out of it after applying.
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    Thank goodness for Behr

    Their paint is crap too. Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore applies much easier. More expensive but worth it.
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    Check out this rig

    Really sweet rig and I think you have figured out the business model that works for you. I totally agree on wasting time driving to estimates. If you get around to it shoot me some pics at I'd love to see it up close.
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    deck pricing

    OK, I re read and didn't see the comment back from him. My bad... Wasn't defending his practice just the violent posts against him
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    deck pricing

    You guys need to back off DeckDoctor. No need for name calling and personal attacks. As far as low prices are set and I will rarely budge. It not worth my time to compete. Its just like most other trades that require little capital to start. Look at how the sealcoating...
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    Profit ratio

    Hey DeckRocks - I pretty much exclusively use S.Williams DeckScapes Oil Toner in Cedar or Redwood. Used to be called Cuprinol. I've used this since 98. It goes on easily and sprays nice out of my airless when I care to use that. The only time I use a Clear is for Condo's/Apts in...
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    Pwashing contributed to death

    Two die in separate accidents in Glenview Tribune staff reports Published May 6, 2006, 8:24 PM CDT Two men died Friday evening in separate accidents in Glenview, police said Saturday night. About 4:50 p.m., police officers and paramedics responded to a report of an unresponsive man...
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    I started using the Timberstrip last year and think its the best product I've ever used for stripping. I wish I had it 5 years ago when I was doing 50+ decks a season. Im now a father and have a really demanding full time job so I've cut back the amount of jobs Im doing. Its really a...
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    gutter cleaning question

    JGClean, How much... Very cool idea. Anything to keep me off a ladder. I used to be like a monkey on extension ladders til I fell about 20 ft straight down. Walked away but it scared me pretty good. Haven't been able to shake it since. Quit cleaning gutters besides my own house after...
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    The best stripper I have found is the Timberstrip available at