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    can the x-jet be used with these things? if so, what about the draw while extended? iv'e been thinking about getting one because some homes are just a little to high for the x-jet on your standard wand. roy
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    Haz Mat Handling

    i agree with the both of you on your points. the 1000lbs needed before a placard is required is right. but i don't remember if that is in power form or liquid form and not even sure if that matters. MSDS sheets are a must. BUT, do you transport them in metal containers - list...
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    Haz Mat Handling

    I'd like to hear some in depth conversation concerning on how you transport and handle your chemicals. following the regulations as in containers, placards, storage, transportation etc. i have a friend in the landscaping business who got into a bunch of do-do when his sister totaled his...
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    Applying Sealers at what temp?

    darn deck man... your season must be short up there in mich. never have heard of that type sealer. tell us more about it. web page etc????? thanks, roy
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    Which Quickbook Program to buy or another?

    jon, my dad said nothing about reading books to learn how to do things! lol heck that scares the heck outta me! but to be honest, that is some good advice. i genrallly browse through the manual and catch a few things. i will definitely look a lot closer with this one. thanks for...
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    Which Quickbook Program to buy or another?

    Ok friends, I'm going to be purchasing one of these Quickbook programs real soon. I went to their website and answered some questions to figure out which product I should by. The "Basic", the "Pro", or the "Premier(i think)". After answering the questions they suggested just the Basic...
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    New Year Software Sale

    ok..... whats the price? i'll be buying something before spring.
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    Applying Sealers at what temp?

    Friends, What is the lowest temperature and what sealers have you used to perform deck restoration? What about the drying times? Were you satisfied with the results? Just wondering just how far you have pushed the envelope!! Thanks, Roy
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    JR, My experience says that I agree with your numbers. I've never used a CD like that before. What types of sorting options does this CD have? Can you sort by streets and/or zips?? Where do "you" get these CD's?
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    Organizing receipts

    yep, one envelope and a slot for each month. for me right now, it doesn't take a large one! lol
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    First House Job

    Dan, ron is right, you should do a search on the board first if you know how. this way you will find various ways it is done. we all do it differently and sware by what we use. once you find the many ways it'll be up to you to decide. i will ask this. are you doing this for an agent or...
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    How to give bids?

    bigboy, you being honest and up-front with people are two very admirable traits. not to mention good ethics.
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    Vines on Vinyl siding

    mike, is that just a spray on and rinse off, or is that with brushing. roy
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    just figured it out.

    finally figured out how to post a pic.